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Happy Endings

Update on adopted cat Ziva!

March 13, 2019

We’ve received a happy update from Ziva’s new family. It didn’t take long for Ziva to fit right in and become fast friends with the family dog! We are delighted to hear she is doing so well in her new home.

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Update on adopted cat Fenix, fka Teddy!

March 11, 2019

When Fenix (formerly known as Teddy) was adopted in July 2018, he wasn’t the only new addition to the family — a few months after his adoption, a precious baby boy arrived! Fenix takes his job seriously as the feline guardian of the baby, along with Ace, the family dog, nearby for backup. Fenix also…

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Update on adopted cats Gus and Capone!

March 9, 2019

In May 2018, Gus (formerly known as Gabriel) was adopted from us. Recently, his adopter visited the HSCC again, wanting to adopt a companion for Gus; she chose Capone. The two cats had lived together for a time in one of our shelter’s free-roam cat rooms, and HSCC employees and volunteers have been so eager to hear how they would adapt to each other now that they share a forever home. We have received a happy update informing us that these two boys are doing just fine together!

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Adopted: Sebastian

March 7, 2019

Before transitioning to the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge, Sebastian lived in a free-roam cat room here at our no-kill shelter. He was always able to coexist peacefully with other cats, but at the shelter, he was somewhat reserved with people. His personality really blossomed at the cat lounge, and a sweet, affectionate side…

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Adopted: Tess

March 2, 2019

Tess came to the HSCC after delivering a litter of kittens at a very young age, barely out of kittenhood herself. All of her babies have been adopted into good homes, and now it is her turn. We transitioned Tess from our no-kill shelter to Java Cats Café Meowietta to help her find her forever…

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Adopted: Ziva

March 2, 2019

Ziva is a beautiful Siamese Lynx Point who LOVES people. She is a lap cat who never tires of snuggling and cuddling. She adapted quickly to the new environment at Java Cats Café Meowietta, in large part because the cat lounge gave her access to an endless supply of people and laps.   Enter her…

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Adopted: Tux

February 22, 2019

Tux was in the first batch of HSCC kitties to make the transition from our no-kill shelter to Java Cats Café in July 2018. When he first arrived at the Meowietta cat lounge, he immediately hid under a sofa — and stayed there for weeks! Long after the other lounge kitties had acclimated, he remained…

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Adopted: Romeo

February 21, 2019

Romeo was originally adopted from the HSCC by a family when he was a kitten. About a year and a half later, this family called us and abruptly informed us that they wanted to return Romeo, who was currently outside in inclement weather. Of course we accepted him back with open arms; we will always…

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Adopted: Deeks

February 16, 2019

Deeks is a super-enthusiastic mixed-breed dog who LOVES people. He is snuggly and playful, and when he gets excited, his whole body wiggles from his head to his tail. This little guy has been patiently waiting for a family to call his own, and his day has finally come!   Deeks’ new family has always…

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Update on adopted cat Nefertiti, fka Jenny!

February 12, 2019

We were thrilled to receive an update and pictures from Neffy’s family. This beautiful girl is happy, healthy, and ruling her roost!

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