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Happy Endings

Adopted: Gemma

July 17, 2018

Gemma wears a tough demeanor at times, but at heart she is really a lover. Her new person saw right through the aloof façade and fell in love. The feeling seems to be mutual! It took a while for this beautiful muted calico to find her person, but good things come to those who wait,…

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Adopted: Uma

July 12, 2018

Uma was a real heartbreaker at the cat lounge; everybody loved her, and with good reason! She has it all: beauty, brains, and personality. This elegant, easygoing girl with the slightly crossed eyes never met a stranger, and her affectionate demeanor won her many friends. She chose her people as much as they chose her,…

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Adopted: Lacey

July 12, 2018

Lacey is a senior girl who spent half of her life at the shelter. She first came to us as a mom with four kittens after being found at a worksite. Sweet, loving, and affectionate, she has always been a favorite of HSCC staff and volunteers, but she was often overlooked for adoption because of…

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Adopted: Shadow

July 10, 2018

Shadow was the very first cat to be adopted from the cat lounge at Java Cats Café Meowietta! This big ginger floof spent his days lounging around looking majestic, and his easygoing manner combined with his stunning good looks attracted lots of attention at the lounge. This family fell in love with him, and the…

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